Weight Control MP3

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On each hypnosis track, you will be safely guided into a very deep state of mental and physical relaxation and then given multiple post-hypnotic suggestions to release any desire for sweet or fattening food and to eat smaller amounts of healthy foods instead.

Tony utilizes his skilled weight control hypnotherapy techniques to help you break any past negative associations and triggers with eating and dieting, which completely removes the struggle from losing weight. By taking full control of your eating habits automatically, you will begin to lose weight the best way possible – slowly and steadily. This production will help you to feel very motivated to exercise often and to remain a healthy eater forever, even after you have reached your target weight.

After you lose the first few pounds, you’ll notice your body feeling fitter and healthier. Your food addiction has been like a prison where the door has always been unlocked… so why not just walk free? it’s now time to ask yourself, “who is in control – me or the food?” Because if you can deal with an extreme situation without snacking, then you can deal with anything life throws at you!

Weight loss through hypnosis is the natural solution.

Listening to this MP3 on a regular basis will increase the effectiveness of the post-hypnotic suggestions. This is a generic MP3 that can be used in weight control issues. However, if you have ongoing and/or long-term weight problems, please contact me for personalized service.