Tony Charles Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy via Zoom

Hypnosis via Zoom. Just as effective as being face-to-face.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Have you been dreaming about a fit and healthy body? Time to make it a reality!

Stage fright

Unlock your best performance and enjoy performing in front of an audience!

Sports Development

Hypnotherapy as a tool to improve your performance when it matters the most!

Smoking and vaping

One of the most sought-after habits that people want to successfully eradicate.

Sleep Issues

A bad nights sleep is commonplace for too many people. Your body needs a good nights sleep to enable you to function in a good way!

Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy for confidence helps you challenge negative thought processes. Let's "Create Your Change Today"!

Business Development

A positive work enviroment creates more focus from the employee to the company. Get longlasting results from applied hypnosis for business.

Anxiety issues

Do you need help to tackle your anxiety? Is it time to tackle those intense, excessive and persistant worries and fears?