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Smoking and vaping

Quit Smoking for Good!

Tired of smoking or vaping? have you had enough of smelling like an ashtray, being tired and out of breath? Get in touch today to see how hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking!

I want to stop!

Quitting Smoking and or Vaping

Have you tried to quit smoking/vaping many times and failed or succeeded only to have returned to your old habit?

Hypnosis can only really help you once you have decided to stop smoking/vaping, and are ready to assume the responsibility for doing this. In order for you to be successful, you need to end the excuses, the rationalisations, and the denial, and be ready to take full responsibility for stopping to smoke or vape.

Do you experience any of these?

Some of these questions will really “resonate” to those who want to stop…

Have you had enough of standing outside?
It can start to make you feel isolated from everyone when you nip outside.
Are you worried that if you stop, you will gain weight?

Irrational fears play a part in stopping you to make the right decision. With the right hypnotic approach and mental tools to take with you... there should be no reason why you should put on weight.

Are you worried that you will be losing something?
You may think with your process of rationalising with false arguments, that by stopping smoking, something will be missing from your life.
Have you had enough of being at the mercy of your habit and addiction?
There is never better time than right now!
Are you worried that you don't have enough will power?
That is why hypnotherapy can help you! Is there really such a thing as "Will Power"?
Have you tried to quit many times and failed at it?
Now it's time to make a permanent change and stop for good!

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope these questions and answers below give you a better understanding, but please do get in contact if you have any questions!

How many sessions will I need?

It’s difficult to say without knowing you personally and the issues you are experiencing, but typically clients have 1 session! You may need a follow up appointment, but you will have help after the session with techniques you can use to work with yourself afterwards.

How long before I feel the benefits?

When you stop smoking, you will feel the benefits straight away. As time goes on, the benefits just get better and better to your health!

How much does it cost?

The cost for this service is 595 euro. You will be given a strategy to follow before we start the actual session to ease you into your new life choice.  You will see how much you will actually save money wise in the first instance – and more importantly – understand the benefits that will apply to your health and long term well-being.

Will it work for me?

So long as you want to make a change and are committed to making your change happen, then YES – hypnotherapy will work for you!

Are there any negative side effects?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and used with care, understanding and integrity. Hypnosis is safe with no unpleasant side effects.

Can you do too much?

Too much of anything can be a burden to the mind and the brain. My personal view is that you should have a little time between sessions so your mind can process – and put into action – the information received.