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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Take a weight off with hypnosis!

Is your weight yo-yoing? Tired of fad diets with no long-lasting results? Need to shift that timber? Get in touch today to see how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight!

Yes. I want to lose weight!

Take the weight off with your subconscious

Close your eyes, imagine your longing for food drifting away. Picture a day of eating just what is good for you without yielding to the urge to overeat or eat the wrong foods. Imagine hypnosis actually controlling your weight loss efforts – because the news is, it can!

Hypnosis for weight loss is the ideal tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind, the piece that creates impulses and cravings; finally giving you back real choice in what you eat.

How can hypnosis help to lose weight?

If you experience any of the below, then a true and permanent reduction in your weight can only be gotten with a change in lifestyle. Not through trendy diets that you cannot properly maintain for long periods of time.

Is going to the fridge a battle of wills every time?
Had enough of feeling guilty as soon as you've eaten anything you shouldn't have?
Do you have an attachment to your favorite foods?
Are you worried that if you start eating healthily you will miss your favourite foods?
Are you worried that to control your weight you will have to count calories, weigh your food or go on a fad diet?
Are you tired of all of the diets that don't work?
Have you had enough at being at the mercy of choosing the wrong foods?
Let's allow your sub-conscious to choose the right foods for you... Automatically!
Are you worried that you do not have the will power?
Changing your thought process through hypnotherapy ensures "will-power" is not an issue.
Have you tried to control your weight, but deep down you know the yo-yo dieting is not doing your long-term health any good?
Time for us to get together to "Sort it out once and for all!"

Frequently Asked Questions about weight loss

I hope these questions and answers below give you a better understanding, but please do get in contact if you have any questions!

How much do sessions cost?

Sessions cost € 120 and can last up to 90 minutes.

My “4 Week Weight Control” Programme is € 395.

A very effective way for me to help you control the long term future of your health regime.

My “4 Week Weight Control” Programme with Hypnotic Gastric Band € 695.

If your weight issue is causing you serious issues, please get in touch to find out about this can work you!




How many sessions will I need?

It’s difficult to say without knowing you personally and the issues you are experiencing, but typically clients have 1-3 sessions.




When will I start seeing the effects?

There is no clear cut answer to that question. It will depend entirely on you, your hypnotherapist and the application. Most people feel the effects of Hypnosis very quickly into the session and will benefit from the session as soon as the session is finished and will continue to feel the benefits afterwards



Will it work for me?

So long as you want to make a change and are committed to making your change happen, then YES – hypnotherapy will work for you!

Are there any negative side effects?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and used with care, understanding and integrity. Hypnosis is safe with no unpleasant side effects.

Can you do too much?

Too much of anything can be a burden to the mind and the brain. My personal view is that you should have little time between sessions so your mind can process and put into action the information received.